Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Free Food and Medicine

 You might remember this book from this post here. I got it for my birthday. I am so excited to develop my new found hobby of eating wild plants! There is a guy up in Canada that gets all his food in a 1 mile radius of his house, and he lived in the suburbs. So I plan on going around my 1 mile radius to see what is edible where I live. Plus foraging in the mountains. This book identifies all kinds of things from what we call "weeds" to things we have domesticated into our own vegetable gardens, and things you would find in the desert, mountains, tropics, the list goes on. It also tells if the plant's leaves, stem, fruit, and root is edible and the benefits we receive from it. I think that learning what plants are edible around us is just one of the ways to be able to survive any catastrophe we might face. And the way the economy is going, it's good to be prepared. Not to mention I recently took a test to see how I learn best and it said I learn things when in nature so this book is right up my alley.

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Photos taken by yours truly.

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