Saturday, December 14, 2013

My Experience With Short Hair

(3-years-old. My brother Kyle & I). 
It only takes one time as a toddler to cut your hair to realize your hair goes from this (above) and this (below) to....
(What I was typically dressed in at 4-years-old)
 (4-years old Preschool)
And this:
 Since then, my mom always cut my hair short with bangs...
 (Almost 11-years-old. I was a "temptress" for Halloween?! Mom why didn't you explain what a temptress was to me and then tell me I couldn't be that for Halloween!?)

At around 12-years-old I decided that I was only going to have long hair, except for one exception here when I cut it short for picture day in 8th grade, but still, not as short as in the past:
 Since then I have been trying so hard for my hair to grow, and it finally grew long and thick and beautiful when I was pregnant!
 But now that my baby is 4 months old (tomorrow!!!) My hair has been falling out in globs! Like, I'm surprised I still have any left! So I cut it!!!!!!!!!!! From this:
 And this:
 To this!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I LOVE IT! The girl who cut it said she was surprised how well I was taking my new haircut, because a lot of people wish they hadn't once it's too late.I'm surprised too. I really loved my long hair, but I felt I needed a new change. She cut around 8 or so inches. What do you think?

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