Thursday, November 7, 2013

The Material Possession De-clutter

Do you remember my posy about getting rid as a way to gain more meaning in life? Though I could have posted about it last week because I did the majority of it, I still hadn't look through every drawer, every nook in my closet, etc. Now I still feel like I can do more, but I feel at peace with the state that my house is in. I didn't take any before pictures except for my storage unit because that was the last place I de-cluttered and by then, I thought a before and after shot would be good. After two trips to D.I. with our tiny car, I still found more stuff to get rid of and probably still will. Here is just a small peak into my de-cluttering.



So I am done with my material possession de-clutter, now onto my virtual de-clutter. I have 4 e-mails including my school one! Lots of stuff in my inboxes, and that doesn't even count my Facebook, blog, etc. So here is to the next place to focus on for mental clarity. I feel a little de-fogged but not completely.

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