Friday, November 22, 2013

Jay Shafer: Tiny House Creator

I've been wanting to talk about Jay Shafer for a while now because of my admiration for his designs. Considered to be a pioneer of the tiny house movement, or what I feel, really just "going back to how our ancestors used to live- in much smaller spaces" movement, he has been living in tiny dwellings that he's designed and built for over 15 years now. Out of mostly wanting to be able to get around building codes and prove that he could do so, all of his smaller designs, less than 200 sq ft, are on wheels so that they aren't considered an illegal home, but a legal mobile trailer. All of the homes he designs are very well thought out... 

You won't find any space wasted. Starting out with his first company Tumbleweed Tiny Houses, he recently sold that and began his new business called Four Lights Tiny Houses. His latest project is now, what the city regulations define as a "trailer park," will be a community full of all tiny homes.

Here is a great youtube video about Jay Shafer done by another great artist I admire-Kirsten Dirksen from that is less than 20 minutes if you have time:

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