Monday, November 4, 2013

How Others Live: Bernie the Wanderer

If you haven't ever heard who Bernie is, well he's one of my inspirations. A true vagabond at heart, at 30 years old he decided to build himself a boat and sailed all around the world. More recently he sailed from Canada to the Bahamas. He's also traveled from Canada to Mexica in 2003 in a wagon, pulled by his mule Woody and pony Maggie! And then again made a trip in 2004-2005 from North Carolina to San Diego, California. More recently he was the first to cross the Neatherlands in wagon in 2012. He also has a real home that stays put but it is still on wheels. Always ready for the next adventure and liking the idea of never staying put for too long he says:

"Everything I ever built in my life has/had wheels under it: from the boat I sailed alone around the world to the boat I built and sailed from Canada to the Bahamas to the wagon I lived in while voyaging from Canada to Mexico."

Here's his boat that he built
Some of his wagons he's traveled in...
polly and wagon
This one has a wood burning stove!
the batch
Here is his more 'stay put' home, though still on wheels

If you want to learn more about Bernie, read his books, and see what he's up to then check out his website here:

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