Thursday, July 25, 2013

Project Toy Stories

 Have you ever heard of photographer Gabriele Galimberti's project Toy Stories? Over an 18 month period of time shooting, Galimberti noticed the difference in children and how they interacted with their toys. Those that were from wealthier countries were more possessive with their toys vs. children in poorer countries who had hardly anything but were more willing to share their most prized possessions, their toys, with Galimberti.

Stella - Montecchio, Italy

 Pavel - Kiev, Ukraine

 Cun Zi Yi - Chongqing, China

 Botlhe - Maun, Botswana

 Alessia - Castiglion Fiorentino, Italy

 Shaira - Mumbai, India

Tangawizi - Keekorok, Kenya

Some of these photos are very moving to me and it's interesting to see the difference between these children and what they valued the most. As I am coming to the end of pregnancy (5 more weeks!), I have thought a lot about what I want my little girl to value, and I hope to bring her up appreciating the simple things and not finding too much value on material possessions. I also wanted to make her something special and unique. So I made her her very first teddy bear. Using my resources, I checked out from the library One-Yard Wonders by Patricia Hoskins & Rebecca Yaker and spent a Saturday making her this.


Article by: Amanda Gorence
Photos of children by: Gabriele Galimberti
Photos of teddy bear by: Natalie Ayama

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