Thursday, July 18, 2013

How Others Live: Family of Four Living in 540 sq. ft.

Sauvie Island Tiny House, 540 sf, built for a family. Very good interior photos.

Jessica Helgerson, an Interior Designer lives here with her husband and two children in this 540 sq ft house on 5 acres located at Sauvie Island, Oregon. Previously living in a much larger dwelling, but decided to downsize drastically.

Every space is well utilized for multipurpose and storage. One example being the living space with couches that double as beds for guests, as well as drawers underneath for storage and a huge bookcase behind it.

 Looking at these pictures makes me think that it's very possible to live in a much smaller space with a well thought out design plan to store the things that are needed and to help you get rid of the extra stuff in our lives that we don't. How much more time and energy we would have to focus on the more important things in our lives like relationships, experiencing new things, learning new skills. I'm all for living in a smaller space, though I am aware I would need some pairing down to do so first. What do you think? Could you sacrifice a larger dwelling and the extra responsibilities that come a long with it for a more simpler life? Or maybe you are in the process of simplifying already. Or perhaps you are satisfied with the "American Dream" concept that bigger is better. I'm interested to know what others opinions are on living smaller.

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