Wednesday, August 21, 2013

My 12 Days Early Bundle of Joy

Last Wednesday started out just like any other normal pregnant day. I got ready and worked in the morning at my desk job. I had stopped walking to work a couple weeks earlier because being full term pregnant, it took me double the time it normally would to get there and it tires me out way too much. That afternoon around 3:30 I laid on the couch to take my nap when all of a sudden I hear almost like a 'woosh' sound and had water coming out, immediately I run to the bathroom. I-was-shocked! I contacted my husband who luckily was working close to home that day so it didn't take him long to get back. We went in to see my midwife to just make sure that it indeed was my water that broke (since it wasn't much water). As she was talking she confirmed that it was my water and that because I am strep positive I need to get started on anti-biotics until my baby comes. At first I was thinking it was some medicine that I could take home until I need to go to the hospital. But she confirmed that no, I was going to the hospital right now and when I leave the hospital I will have my baby in my arms. I think the shock of that is what made my contractions start in the room just then. 

I was not prepared for this. My sister and mom both told me that the doctors usually broke their water for them, so I was expecting my labor to start with contractions. I had it all planned out; walks, certain labor positions, and then when I get to the hospital, I planned on getting in the jacuzzi until I was fully dilated. I was going to have my baby all natural. Then reality happened...
IV with anti-biotics, electrolytes, and pitocin. Two straps over my belly, one to monitor contractions, another for the babies heart beat. No walking around, no jacuzzi, I was stuck. After a short time I was dilated to a 3 and my non stop contractions went from predicting my baby being born Thursday afternoon to her expectancy to be that night with only just the bare amount of pitocin being given to me. Because I was strapped down since the beginning of labor, it wasn't difficult for me to change my mind about having an epidural. I felt great afterwards! And at 2:33 AM after pushing for just 30 minutes, my baby girl, Brigitte Jodell Ayama was born. I even watched the birth with a standing mirror! It was so cool! Overall, labor was not bad and I joked in between every labor pain before I got the epidural. For having my labor plans ruined, I couldn't have been more pleased with how it turned out. I was always scared of what it would be like but ultimately, it felt so natural, instinctive. And lets be honest, the epidural at the end helped too! :)

She came out and I instantly fell in love. At 12 days early she was born August 15th, 6 lbs 3 oz and 19 inches long. She's healthy, a great nurser, doesn't cry much and really just a great joy in my life. I feel so blessed!


  1. She is so beautiful! I'm glad things went well.

  2. Reading your post brought back fond memories. I remember water breaking, pitocin, and the whole thing...except that epidurals hadn't been invented way back in the olden days:) There is nothing quite like giving birth to a new life!!! So happy for you! She is gorgeous! Melody