Thursday, February 6, 2014

Packing For Paris

I wanted to make sure that I could fit my clothes in a carry-on. I didn't end up putting it on a carry-on, rather, I wanted my suite cases to all be somewhat empty so all my souviners would all fit coming back home. So, in order to make sure I had enough outfits for Paris, I took classic clothing pieces that I could mix and match with, also, that I would be able to nurse in, no problem. Here are just a few things that I packed for my Paris trip this past holiday season...

My top tips when packing are:
1. Don't fold, roll! Rolling your clothes you get more in your suite-case.
2. Put your socks and tights in the shoes. Shoes have empty space that can be filled.
3. Wear the things that take up a lot of space on the airplane. I had on my coat and boots. Packing it is wasting space for more clothes!
4. Plan your outfits. I was able to get a lot more "mileage" out of each item of clothing because I thought through what I was actually going to bring and wear on vacation.

Stay tuned to know how my vacation went.

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