Monday, February 24, 2014

New Years & More Food

For those of you that know, I am not a night person. Even on New Years Eve, I could probably guess I've stayed up til midnight only a few times. So pulling an all nighter just as my body, and Brigitte's was getting used to the 8 hour time change was quite the experience. We partied until 5 am with Jimmy's parents, Petchaye, and Antoine, and Antoine's family. Here's an idea of what it was like...

 Brigitte at 3 am.

 More images on the food:
 This was so delicious! Mushrooms on top and the best pureed potatoes I've ever had!
 The most expensive and best macaroons ever! (Thanks Sophie!)

 A typical breakfast
 coffee and chocolate ice cream
 Notre Dome made entirely out of chocolate!

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