Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Beginning of the Declutter...So What Do I Need?

I am going through my clothes and decided what I need and what I don't need. Now, my post could come off.....worldly?! But I want you to hear me out as to why I am picking these clothes as essential. Ultimately, it doesn't matter what clothes you have, as long as you have clothes on, that's what is really important but I know that for myself, in order to tame the need to buy clothes often and to still feel fashionable, I have come up with my perfect wardrobe. Based on classic pieces that never go out of style, you won't have to get rid of things in your closet, especially if they are good quality clothes. My rule is 100 items. Really, you don't need more, although you may think so, but I know for me, I always go back to my favorite items. So why not have everything in your closet be your favorite? Some items I have, and in the future if I ever need to purchase, I will only be getting what is on the list. In the long run, I think I will be saving a ton of $!

1 v-neck sweater
Classic white T shirt
7 classic t-shirts
Saint Laurent Classic Long Sleeve T Shirt In Black Stonewashed Silk |
3 long sleeve t-shirts
simple white cotton oxford
3 cotton oxfords
Patagonia Women's Cashmere Cardigan
2 cashmere cardigans
Classic tunic
1 Tunic
5 nice blouses
Classic Polo
2 Polo shirts
Long Wrap Cardigan
1 long wrap cardigan
Cozy, cable knit sweater.
1 cable-knit sweater
1 flannel checkered buttondown
Oh Kerri..
2-3/4 length shirts
Striped Boatneck
striped boat neck (preferably black & white)
Ann Taylor - AT Sweaters - Summer Cardigan
3 summer cardigans
1 lacy button down
7 camisoles

So here are my tops. This is not as many tops as most people have but this is great variety that you can mix and match with.
The rest of my clothes to be continued...As well as my declutter and changing my life for the better...

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